Billy Z GZ30 "Austin Special" 30W Head

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Billy Z specializes in building custom guitar amplifiers, repairing vacuum tube amps, and repairing electric and acoustic guitars. Billy Z has also been Gold Standard Certified by Fender Musical Instruments for over 30 years.

GZ30 Head "Austin Special" Specs:

The GZ30 "Austin Special" head is based on the GZ30 but with much larger Power Transformer and a huge output transformer with optimized primary. Transformers are custom built by Mercury Magnetics for the GZ series of amplifiers.

Voltages are higher, the output transformer has 4 , 8, and 16 ohm speaker outs .

Phase inverter has been redesigned for optimum operation. The power supply has been redesigned for a more modern and versatile sound.

Fuller body tone more highs and lows than the little brother combo amp.

There is a two-position switch on the back of the amp labeled "A" or "B".
In one position, the first pre-amp tube is running in triode mode. In the other position the V1 pre-amp tube is running in dual-triode parallel mode. The difference is subtle, but the option is there!

GZ30 "Austin Special" Features

  • 1- GZ34 rectifier tube
  • 2 - 6L6gc power tubes
  • 2 - 12ax7 preamp tubes
  • 30 Watts, class A/B Cathode biased.
  • .80 Aluminum chassis
  • Finger jointed Pine Cabinet
  • All Coverings are applied with Hide Glue
  • Premium Handles and Large Rubber Feet
  • All Electronic components are selected for maximum tone and durability.
  • Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder (the only solder Billy Z uses!)
  • High Grade Switchcraft Jacks, no plastic jacks to strip or melt.
  • IEC detachable power cord. 
  • Interactive tone and volume controls, hi and low inputs. The Dana Hall VVR circuit has been customized for the GZ30 series of amplifiers.
  • Diode protected rectifier tube and soft start standby are employed to assure years of trouble free operation.
  • The amps are currently shipping with Tungsol power and preamp tubes and a Sovtek 5ar4. The amps can accommodate other tubes with similar characteristics.
  • "The amp is designed to be part of your "Instrument". It is very touch sensitive responsive and can go from clean to mean with just your guitar volume control.

Accepts all Pedals very well.

Please enjoy the GZ30 Austin Special." - Billy Z

"The amp is designed to be part of your 'instrument'. Accepts all Pedals very well and I personally recommend the Wampler Faux Reverb pedal.  The wampler reverb pedal combined with the GZ30 creates a 3D sound. Please enjoy the GZ30 Austin Special." - Billy Z


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