Bludotone Bludo-Drive Ojai Bundle (used)

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*This is a used amp bundle in excellent condition
*This is a consignment item

$8,999.00 plus $200.00 shipping (consignment)

Included in this Bludotone bundle:

Bludotone Bludo-Drive Amplifier head with Ojai circuit which is a modified Skyline voicing. Skyline voicing is characterized by accentuated upper mids and a tight low-end. Ojai circuit has a Skyline voicing but with a stiffer pre-amp section yielding a very quick response. Ojai also has an extended range presence control.

The Bludo-Drive is what Bludotone is known for. It is the ultimate in expression and touch sensitivity, offering both rich cleans and super dynamic overdrive. This is a 100 watt 6L6 head with a half power switch. 

Bludotone 2x12 "Oval Back" Speaker Cabinet loaded with two Celestion G12-65 speakers.

Bludotone 1x12 Ported "Bass Reflex" Speaker Cabinet loaded with a WGS Blackhawk HP AlNiCo speaker. Front Ported.

Bludotone Loop-A-Lator is a single rack-space all tube impedance matching device that allows you to use your Bludo-Drive or Hi Plains drifter to it's fullest potential. The Loop-a-Lator takes the signal from the "Preamp out" of the amp and changes the impedance to the proper level to drive your rack/pedal effects, and then brings the level from your effects back up to match the "power amp in". The Loop-a-Lator also acts as a secondary master volume, allowing you to find the "sweet spots" in your amplifier controls, and still maintain a reasonable volume. When used without effects, the Loop-a-Lator works to "smooth" the high end response of your amplifier, as well as giving your sound a perceived 3D effect.

2-button Footswitch and cable. One button for boost, the other button for OD.

Gator Lightweight 4 Space Rack. To house the Loop-A-Lator and your other rack effects. 

Connection cables. Cables to connect the Loop-A-Lator to the amp are included.

Studio Slips Covers for the head and 1x12 cabinet included.

This rig is in excellent condition and it sounds absolutely fantastic. The 1x12 cab shows signs of normal use. It has some discoloration on the top from where the feet of the amp head sits and has minor scuffs throughout. The 2x12 cabinet also has a few very minor scuffs. The head also shows signs of normal use; minor discoloration in a few spots on top with and a few minor scuffs. 

Tonally speaking, if you're looking for that Robben Ford tone, this rig will get you there! It's bold, articulate and very expressive and touch sensitive. It is 100 watts so you have plenty of headroom and volume, but if you prefer to rock out at more modest sound pressure levels you can take advantage of the half power switch. Also, if you have the Loop-A-Lator hooked up you can turn up the master volume on the amp and use the master volume on the Loop-A-Lator to bring the volume down to reasonable levels. The bright switches on the Loop-A-Lator also prove very useful when playing at lower volumes. 


HEAD: 10 1/2" H, 20 3/4" W, 10" D

2X12 CAB: 29 1/4" H, 21 3/4" W, 12 1/2" D

1x12 CAB: 16 3/4" H, 20 3/4" W, 10 1/2" D

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