Fryette Aether Guitar Amplifier

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The Fryette Aether

"Sonics snatched from the heavens"

The Fryette Aether amplifier is an unconventionally conceived, single channel tone machine that takes a hold of your soul and guides you effortlessly into a new world of guitar expression you’ve not likely experienced before. If that seems like an impossibly lofty claim, here’s how creator Steven Fryette would respond: “Plug it in and play with no other thought than to make music. If this amplifier doesn’t transform you in the first 30 seconds, nothing will.”
Fryette believes the guitar amplifier is more than just an accessory for a nice guitar. It is an equal part of the guitar/amplifier playing experience – like a bow is to a violin. With Aether, they raise the bar for amplifier personality, behavior and contribution to artistic expression on the part of the player. They intended for Aether to be visually and functionally unique and nowhere is that more clearly expressed than in the separate preamp and power amp modules. The preamp starts with a warm and balanced jazz flavor that gradually develops into a thick harmonic wall of sustain and overdrive that is easliy reigned in with your guitars volume control. Once the power amp module is pushed to the onset of distortion, you'll discover a blend of preamp and power amp distortion behavior unlike any amp you've ever played before.
The tone controls are completely different than anything you’ll find on a vintage boutique style reproduction. Fryette used active tube equalization to enhance the natural characteristics of the tone-woods and hardware of the instrument. So whether you are playing clean with a hollow or semi-hollow guitar or slamming it with a solid-body, you feel a level of interplay between the amp and instrument not likely to be found on any other amp, new or old.

The preamp and power amplifier sections are housed in separate chassis. This helps keep hum and noise to almost imperceptible levels, reduces power tube vibration which will extend tube life, and minimizes certain frequency cancellations that can impact tone and sustain. It is wonderful to look at, connect and operate, and remarkably convenient to transport do to the thoughtful weight distribution of the power amp and cabinet system.

No amplifier is complete without a speaker and Fryette is one of the few amplifier companies who truly understands speaker design and the importance of integrating speaker behavior into the sonic performance of the amplifier. After almost two years in the making, Steven Fryette, working closely with the design and engineering team at Fane Acoustics, UK, have developed a speaker uniquely capable of expressing the full tonal palette of the Aether amplifier. The result is the Fane/Fryette A60S, a remarkably expressive and rich sounding Alnico speaker with matching cream chassis and bell cover. 

This is a point to point hand-wired amplifier designed to minimize component lead-lengths and wire usage. Naturally, Fryette utilizes high-quality, high-reliability components and construction materials to increase the quality and reliability of the overall design. Like all Fryette amplifiers, the output stage incorporates custom designed, precision-wound power and output transformers for maximum fidelity and reliability.


  • Aether Cabinet which houses the Preamp section/preamp tubes, custom Fane Alnico speaker, reverb tank, top-mounted controls and maple/mahogany logo plate custom made by Koll Guitars.
  • Power Supply/Power Amp Module which houses the power transformer, output transformer, rectifier and power amp tubes, power and standby switches Ambience switch and Speaker Output jacks.
  • Multi-pin connector cable that connects the Aether cabinet to the Power Supply/Power Amp Module.
  • Speaker cable that connects the Speaker Out of the Power Module to the Speaker In on the cabinet.
  • Power cable that connects A/C power to the Power Module.


Preamp module:

Bright Switch
Tremolo Switch

Tung-Sol 12AX7 X 1, Gain stage 1 & 2
Shuguang 12AX7 X 1, Tremolo Oscillator
Sovtek 12AX7WA X 1, Reverb Recovery, Reverb Mixer and Gain Stage 3
Shuguang 12AT7 X 1, Reverb Driver

Power amp module:

Tung-Sol 6L6 X 2, A conservatively rated 25W cathode biased configuration.
EH 6SN7 X 1, A big plate dual triode phase inverter.
Sovtek 5Y3 X 2, Two rectifier tubes in complementary operation to maintain a nice “give” without mush and enhances long term reliability.
Ambience Switch. Selects high or low negative feedback. Affects feel and reaction speed, speaker resonance, etc.
Speaker outputs: 8 and 16 ohms. Can be internally rewired for 4 ohms.
Special Design Fane/Fryette A60S, 60W Alnico. A great complement sonically and visually.
Genuine Accutronics Three-spring reverb.
Cabinet: Baltic Birch
Dimensions: 24-1/2W X 18-1/2H X 9D
Weight: 45 pounds

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