GFI System Clockwork Delay 2 (used)

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*This is a used pedal in excellent condition
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Hailing from Indonesia, the GFI Clockwork Delay 2 combines the virtues of digital control and clarity with thoughtfully voiced analog-style textures. Featuring a ton of echo options, each delay has secondary controls that are accessible via the “param” knob. If you don’t already use a stereo delay, this GFI pedal is a perfect place to start!

The basic digital voices range from clear to colorful. The very clean standard delay is a classic digital delay, with the exception that modulation can be added via the parameter knob. The tape mode serves up excellent vintage degradation on the repeats. And the lo-fi mode models classic analog delays, which can also be accented with modulation from the parameter control. Finally, the ambient mode has a shimmering response which is great for things like volume swells. The multi-head mode enables 2-, 3-, and 4-head settings, offering up all varieties of multi-tap madness, which are truly mind blowing when in stereo mode! 

In ambient mode, the parameter knob lets you add a perfect fifth or octave harmony to the delayed signal. The small variation switch lets you choose between three delay modes: tape, standard, and ambient. You can also assign the switch to multi-head selection by depressing the tap tempo and bypass switches together. AND you can save up to eight presets.

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