Humphrey Espresso 15 Acoustic Amp USED

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  • This is a used amp in excellent condition.
  • This is a consignment item. 
  • Includes custom stand and dust cover.

$2999.00 plus $50.00 Shipping (consignment item) 


Espresso 15  -   

*  15W from dual EL84's  (JJ Electronics)

*  Eminence 10" hi-fi speaker and super-tweeter 

*  Hybrid point-point and turret board circuit construction

*  Silver plated wire in signal chain and silver-loaded solder throughout


Premier Guitar on the Espresso 15 - 

All in the Eyes of the Beholder

Humphrey makes amps one at a time in his Chanhassen, Minnesota, shop, and the focus that’s born from such a work style shows. For starters, he didn’t just look at an old Fender tweed, sketch a reasonable facsimile, and start stuffing wires inside. To be certain, there are traces of classic electric amp designs—if you squint while looking at the front of the amp, you can sort of envision a deconstructed and/or melting Silvertone (and that Humphrey logo looks just a little like the old Harmony script, no?). But the Espresso looks as much like the work of a very creative chair or cabinet builder, evoking the organic and ordered shapes of Danish/West Coast-fusion furniture designs. And every facet of the construction—from the dovetail joints to the beveled carves and the tube compartment—is flawlessly executed.

Unlike a lot of acoustic amps, the Humphrey’s control array isn’t cluttered with parametric EQ knobs, pads, or effects. In fact, any half-wit barbarian rocker who can figure out a Twin Reverb is likely to be at ease operating the Espresso 15. Knobs include input volume (or gain), master volume, treble, mid, and bass, and two small toggles activate a horn tweeter and a bright circuit. The control layout isn’t the only aspect of the Espresso 15’s construction that would be as familiar to an electric player as an acoustic specialist: The tube selection wouldn’t be out of place in a small electric-guitar combo amp—it includes the power section’s dual EL84s, two 12AU7 preamp tubes, and a 5Y3 rectifier tube. Perhaps the one area where the Espresso has something significantly in common with other acoustic amps is its driver—it’s loaded with a light, 10" neodymium-magnet speaker.

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