Keeley Nova Wah Gen 1 Custom (used)

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*This is a used pedal in very good condition
*This is a consignment item

$499.00 plus $10.00 shipping (consignment)

This is one (#41) of the original hand-made Keely Nova Wahs before they went into production in 2006. Sporting a gorgeous hand-dipped finish, these pre-production Nova Wahs are truly incredible tone machines, featuring a master volume knob and a mini-toggle for switching between single and dual inductors. Hand signed and archived by Mr. Keeley himself!

More about the Keeley Nova Wah from Keeley:

The Nova Wah is a fixed wah pedal, providing you with two positions to toggle between. We also offer a number of interesting add-ons, such as a volume boost, a selector for one or two inductors, and three different bass responses. The Nova Wah is, of course, true-bypass and uses only the finest components. So without further delay, welcome to the wonderful, far-out world of the Nova Wah!