KW Custom ST-2V Sapele 2x12 Speaker Cab w/ Celestion G12-65's (used)

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This is a custom Sapele KW ST-2V 2x12 guitar speaker cabinet loaded with Celestion G12-65 speakers finished in a warm gold brown stain with KW's Speed Gloss finish which is a step up from the standard finish.

Employs KW's "Flex" wiring, which allows you to run in in mono at 8 ohms, or mono at 32 ohms, or stereo at 16 ohms.

More about the ST-2V from the KW website:

The ST-2 is the original KWCABS design. We set out with a simple goal: to create the best made, best sounding 2x12 available, period! The sound is immense! For a 2x12 they rival any 4x12 on the market for full sound. The ST-2 line comes in two trim levels the V and the M. The V (Vintage) excels in Jazz, Blues, and Rock; however it well suits any style of music. It features three medium size ports and like all KW Cabs a partly removable back. Closed it provides warm tight bass with crisp highs and very smooth mid-tones. Open the bass rounds off a bit and provides sparkling highs and super-smooth overall tone.

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