Reeves Red Dot Sound (used)

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*This is a used pedal in excellent condition
*This is a consignment item

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The Reeves Red Dot Sound is a vintage fuzz pedal featuring point-to-point wiring, with an added external bias control, a circuit where the hot or cold biasing can make a huge difference to the tone. Built using a very sought after combination of vintage silicon transistors and high spec new components, including JB and Vishay capacitors, Lumburg jacks and alpha pots.

The tone is very much classic ToneBender*, think Mick Ronson on Ziggy Stardust. The bias control is the key on this pedal, With careful dialling you can find all sorts of sweet spots. Stay clockwise for thick, chewy, loud open and dynamic fuzz, as you turn  anti clockwise the fuzz will increase and Mids will start to come forward, continue anti clockwise, for brighter cutting MK1 territory.

To dial the classic MK1 voice, mute the strings and turn the bias control till the background hiss just fades. This is the point where the transistors are switched off, however the moment you touch the strings they come to life. This is very much a feature of the Mk1.

Turn the bias further clockwise and the attack becomes more spitty and ‘stop start’ until no signal will pass.

Bass boost / stock switch does pretty much what it says on the tin.

With the bias fully clockwise, your guitar's volume will act more like a  gain control for the first quarter turn down giving you some very clear and dynamic tones. With the bias further anti clockwise the clean up starts to get more brittle and spitty .

In all if you like your Fuzz with lots of bite and vintage mojo but still with plenty of tight bass this is the pedal for you.

*ToneBender is a trade name owned by Solasound of London, supplied by Macaries, who are still making awesome fuzz pedals too =)

Vintage RCA 2n3053  and ME C1016 transistors
Lumburg jacks
Vishey resistors
JB capacitors

Please note, all my silicon pedals have a boss style 2.1 center negative DC jack only, there is no battery snap.  Silicon transistors are not sensitive to DC supply type unlike their germainium counterparts.

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