RMC 4 Picture Wah (used)

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$10.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


*This is a used pedal in good condition 
*This is a consignment item

*Observations: This pedal works fine but the rocker is loose, so it won't stay in one place for notch settings, and it's missing its rubber feet. 

$149 plus $10.00 shipping (consignment)

Around twenty-six years ago Geoffrey was busy repairing original Italian and English wah-wah pedals, shortly after the V-847 was released and the old broken stuff started coming out of closets around the world. Every single wah-wah pedal that he touched he metered and then logged into a database.

Back in July of 2001, REAL MCCOY CUSTOM released their version of a blueprinted vintage Italian Picture Wah.  18 years later, RMC was proud to release the latest version of the RMC4/PICTURE WAH, housed in a standard sized black case.

Inside you'll find free-standing Switchcraft jacks, true-bypass on/off switch, double-clad circuit board, rugged RMC ROC-POT, and tight tolerance componentry. The RMC4/Picture Wah features the under the rocker toggle switch to change the sweep contour and EQ.

The REAL MCCOY PICTURE WAH is developed and built by Geoffrey Teese, and includes fuzz-friendly technology, true-bypass, easily adjustable rocker tension , and AC adapter jack, and is covered by our limited one year warranty. 

You can see and hear the chrome topped PICTURE WAH on the DVD "Santana - Live At Montreaux 2011". The circuit inside Carlos' wah is PRECISION FWR.

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