Space Charged Real Tube Overdrive

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Space Charged is Crazy Tube Circuits' first real tube overdrive!

Featuring a 12AY7 preamp tube powered from a standard 9V DC power supply (350ma current consumption) with an internal voltage multiplier to make the tube feel more comfortable!

You will experience warm, organic tube tone with excellent touch sensitivity and a wide palette of tones from thick, full-bodied clean boost to authentic classic rock distortion.

From clean to mean. Set and forget - control everything from your pick attack / guitar volume knob.
Tone: Controls the tone and presence of the overdriven signal. From smooth to raw - set as needed to perfectly cut through the mix
Volume: Controls the master volume of the effect. Set to match bypassed volume or give a slight boost to push your amp.
True Bypass: Space Charged features top quality relay-driven true bypass that will automatically go in bypass mode in the event of power supply failure.

Space Charged was designed with 12AY7 for optimum performance but any standard dual triode tube will work, such as 12AX7, 12AT7, 12AU7, 5751 for different flavors and overdrive / distortion characteristics.

Built with the highest quality components available, operates with eternal 9V DC regulated power supply (- center, + ring). Max current consumption 350mA @9V DC. Using a power supply of +12V DC or more may cause severe damage to the pedal and void warranty.

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