Victoria 35210 28W 2x10 Combo

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This is Victoria Amp's take on the rare narrow panel Super. Only a bias trim pot and test points have been added to the Super design. Over the years, the original model often went unnoticed by many tweed freaks, but that won't be the case when you plug into a Victoria 35210. This amp does 'clean' exceptionally well, with a smooth and aggressive overdriven tone that seems to work perfectly with just about any guitar ever made.

  • 28 watts w/half power switch
  • 5F4 Type Circuit
  • Class A/B Adjustable Fixed Bias
  • Push/Pull Operation
  • Tubes: 1-5U4GB, 2-5881, 2-12AX7, 1-12AY7
  • Speakers: Two American Made 10" Eminence
  • Cabinet Size(HxWxD): 18.5” x 22” x 10.5”
  • Weight:  40 pounds

Victoria Amplifiers

"In 1993, I set out to faithfully recreate the crown jewels among the many classic amplifiers developed by Leo Fender. The tweed amps of the late 50′s defined the sound of rock and blues on vinyl and on stage, but they had also become increasingly scarce, and well beyond the reach of most working musicians.


Victoria Amplifier is recognized for having succeeded in recapturing the classic sound, design, and American craftsmanship embodied in the tweed line, while offering players a wide range of subtle and sometimes whimsical variations on a theme. Victoria circuits have always been completely faithful to the originals, using the correct capacitors, resistors, transformers, pots, and eyelet boards. Each pine cabinet is crafted in the precise manner of those built in the ’50s, and covered in lacquered cotton tweed that is still woven today by the original manufacturer.


The Tone You Crave, The Performance You Trust.


The results speak for themselves, and Victoria amplifiers continue to be acknowledged by players and critics alike as clearly superior in construction, durability, and tone among small-production, custom amplifiers built today at any price."

President Mark Baier

Victoria Amplifiers are…

  • In the hands of some of the world’s premier musicians, not because we pay them to use our amps, because they know our amps have the tone they crave
  • Completely hand built one by one in America, we source our parts from American company in any case possible, regardless of cost
  • Found in recording studios all over the world for the superior sound our amps produce to any other low-powered recording amp on the market
  • Used by professional and hobbyists alike, the first time you plug into one of our amps, you know there is no hype behind our amps, just real, original, tone.

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