1962 Fender Princeton Amp (used)

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*This is a used amp in very good condition
*This is a consignment item

$3,999.00 plus $50.00 shipping (consignment)

This is a vintage 1962 "Brownface" Fender Princeton Amp with a 6G2 circuit.  It is equipped with a modern Celestion GA10 Vintage 80th Anniversary Edition 10" speaker and JJ 6V6 power tubes. In addition, a modern Jensen Special Design C10R 10" speaker and a pair of vintage Sylvania 6V6s are also included. Comes with a non-original 1-button footswitch. Original leather handle has been replaced and a grounded 3-prong cable has been installed.

The early 60s Brown Princeton is famous for its beautiful-sounding bias tremolo and its wide range of available tones from fat cleans to raw and crunchy rock. 

This amp is in very good condition for its age. Most the tolex is intact, with the exception of a tear on the lower right hand corner of the front panel and a very small tear on the lower right hand corner of the rear panel and some separation on the bottom (see photos). There are some marks and discoloration on the tolex. The grille cloth also has some discoloring but no holes or tears. 

2 X 6V6
2 X 12AX7
1 X 5Y3
1 X 7025

Dimensions: Height: 16", Width: 19", Depth: 9"

Weight: 26 lbs, 1 oz

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