Dr. Z MAZ 38 Sr. NR Head + Matching 1x12 Cab

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  • Power Output: 38/18 Watts
  • Ouput Tubes: 4 – EL84
  • Rectifier: 1 – 5AR4
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master Volume, Cut, 1/2 Power
  • Other:
    • 1/2 Power Switch
    • 4, 8, 16 Ohm
    • Buffered Effects loop
    • EQ Bypass (Variable boost footswitch included)
  • Dimensions & Weight: 19” W, 9 3/4” H, 9 1/2” D; 35 lbs.

General Information

Originally built as a 3×10 combo at the request of Joe Walsh, the ever versatile MAZ 38 NR Mk. II has the range to grace large stages, corner clubs, and home studios. The 38 NR Mk. II will give you plenty of clean headroom as a pedal platform, or utilize the 1/2 power switch and post-phase inverter master volume to coax sweet, tube overdrive. This amp features a split load cathode biased output section which yields an authority not heard in many EL84 powered amps. Compared to the reverb equipped Maz 38 Mk. II you get more drive and low end authority. The NR Mk. II has a very rich dynamic gain with a tight bottom and superb clarity. It’s an excellent choice for discerning rock, blues, and roots music players.

The front panel features Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Master, and the ever versatile Cut control. The back panel features a 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker out and 1/2 power switch. A buffered effects loop and EQ bypass function is also standard.  The footswitchable EQ bypass gives a great lead boost which effectively makes the 38 NR Mk. II a 2 channel amp. The tube compliment is a quartet of cathode biased EL84s, three 12AX7s in the front end, and a 5AR4 rectifier. With 38 watts at your finger tips you can move enough air to get your guitar out in front of the band, or lower the output with the 1/2 power switch for power tube compression and saturation.

MAZ 38 NR Mk. II

The MAZ 38 NR has become a classic amplifier renown for it’s powerful voicing, enough to hold it’s own on any stage, barroom to stadium. Over the year, Dr. Z has listened to his customers and has updated the MAZ 38 NR to the new, even more versatile Mk.II designation. This includes:

-New, versatile voicing providing pristine American cleans, chiming British overdrive, and juicy hard rock crunch in one package.

-Specifically tuned post-phase inverter master volume allows you to dial in your tone at any volume, down to whisper quiet.

-1/2 Power Switch, effectively giving you the MAZ 38 NR and MAZ 18 NR in one package.

-Variable boost footswitch is included, providing anywhere from a small bump in volume to all-out, singing distortion.