GR Bass Dual Pre Preamp and Headphone Amp

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The Dual Pre has been studied thanks to the contribution of some professional bass players who have helped to identify the main characteristics that a bass preamp must have to be truly complete. It was born to be perfect during your recording sessions (from home recorded bass lines to professional studio sessions) but the result was a perfect preamp for live gigs too.

The Dual Pre allows you to have two separate channels, both with the most complete equalization section present on this type of products (4-band EQ with 2 selectable frequencies on the medium-low and 2 on the medium-high, boost filters for the low and high frequencies). Allows you to have a channel with a built-in professional overdrive (Blend,
It is possible to switch from one channel to another with two different instruments or with the same instrument, but also to mix the two channels in a single output to your amplifier to have an extreme saturation but which preserves all the definition and attack. Clean Channel

You can also send these two signals separately to the PA via two DI Outs, a function that in the studio will allow you to simultaneously and separately record a clean and a distorted track (or if you want, mix them into a single DI). And via a "parallel output" you can have an additional output with the sound of your untreated instrument giving the studio engineer a lot of material to work on and without forcing him to connect an external DI box. It offers a high quality compressor with the ability to adjust ratio, treshold, release and volume, not the single compressor potentiometer usually found on some bass preamps.

The headphone output has its own separate equalization (volume, treble and bass) that you can use as a monitor or to study on the go and play along thanks to the aux-in that allows you to connect a smartphone or media player.

You can take advantage of all these functions via four separate buttons to avoid complicated combinations or unmanageable manual switches during a concert. Also, you can choose two different switching modes between the two channels (channel 1/2 and channel 1 + 2 or channel 1 and channel 2).


  • 2x 1/4 "input jacks - one for each channel
  • EQ channel 1: Deep, Low boost, MID-Low (2 selectable frequencies), PURE mode (EQ bypass), MID-High (2 selectable frequencies), High boost, Bright
  • EQ channel 2: Deep, Low boost, MID-Low (2 selectable frequencies), MID-High (2 selectable frequencies), High boost, Bright
  • Gain and Master Volume for each channel
  • Optical compressor: Threshold, Ratio switch (2: 1, 4: 1, 8: 1), Volume, Release
  • Overdrive: Drive Level, Distortion Mode, Blend, HiPass Filter (Drive affects channel 2 only)
  • Effects loop: 1/4 ″ Send and Return jacks
  • Headphone output: 1/8 "jack
  • Headphone Output Controls: Volume, separate high and low EQ controls
  • Integrated tuner with LED display
  • Aux In: 1/8 "input for connecting a smartphone or other audio source
  • XLR DI Outputs: One for each channel with separate level controls
  • MixDI / DualDI Mode switch: Assign channels to DI XLR outputs as separate or mixed
  • Preamp Output: 1/4 "Jack
  • Through Output: 1/4 "jack in parallel from the input jack
  • Switch Ground Lift, XLR DI Output, Ground Lift

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