RMC 11 - Blue Sparkle

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Real McCoy RMC11

Not content to be just another pretty face, the RMC11 features the longest and smoothest sweep of any RMC wah. Authentic Italian Vox tuning, but with a longer sweep than any Italian Vox ever built. How does it sound? Smooth, liquidy, responsive, throaty, expressive, wide, precise. Everything you want out of a wah-wah pedal, and all without frequency spikes or notches.

Inside are free-standing Switchcraft jacks, heavy-duty on/off switch, double-clad circuit board, low-noise inductor, exclusive RMC-J69 potentiometer, and tight tolerance components. Outside you've got a slick gold sparkle finish base and and matching rocker with a black footpad. 

Just like all RMC wahs, the RMC11 is developed and hand-built by Geoffrey Teese and includes licensed Foxrox Electronics fuzz-friendly technology, true-bypass switching, easily adjustable rocker tension, and AC adapter jack, and is covered by their limited one year warranty.

Model number: RMC11

 Current draw: <10 mA If an AC adapter is used, the adapter requires a 5.5/2.1mm coax plug with a negative center post, 9VDC AC regulated Class II, 20mA to 200mA max current output.

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