Victoria Vicky Verb 5W 1x12 Combo Blonde

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Victoria Vicky Verb

The Victoria “VickyVerb” combines the elegant simplicity of the narrow panel Champ style amp with the lush all tube reverb that Victoria is known for. A full size Accutronics spring tank is transformer coupled to a USA manufactured 12AT7 for superior reverb performance. From subtle effect to full-on surf’s up, the VickyVerb delivers the goods.

Treble and bass controls are featured and allow for full manipulation of the tone of the classic tweed styled VickyVerb. The VickyVerb is shipped with a NOS 5Y3 rectifier and TungSol 6V6GT power tube for 5W of pure single ended Class A tone, making it a perfect amp for recording and home use. For ultra low volume applications, the VickyVerb features 3 progressively attenuated inputs and a half power setting for whisper quiet operation. Conversely, if a gig amp is needed, the VickyVerb is that amp too, and can operate with 6L6, KT66 or EL34 power tubes for 15-20 watts of stage power. The rectifier tube is scalable as well, allowing for the use of 5Y3, 5V4, 5U4 or GZ34 types. For maximum output, a GZ34 rectifier and 6L6GC output tube are recommended. No biasing or adjustments are necessary, just plug in and play. Because the VickyVerb is a single ended, single power tube design, there’s never a requirement for “matched” tubes, making the use of NOS tube types attractive and affordable.

The VickyVerb is housed in an all pine, finger jointed “narrow panel” cabinet with a single Victoria 12” OEM speaker. Stock covering is fawn tolex with wheat/gold grill with custom colors available upon request. Whether you’re in the family room or on stage, the VickyVerb is the ultimate grab and go amplifier! The VickyVerb may be the most satisfying small amp Victoria's ever made, and it’s found its way into some of the most demanding studios in the world.


Three inputs: primary, -3db, -6db. 1M input impedance.

Full and half power settings.

Tube compliment: 1 X 5Y3GT* (NOS); 1 X 6V6GT*; 2 X 12AX7; 1 X 12AT7 (NOS) 

Weight: 33.5 lbs 

Dimensions: 20.25" (width) x 9.5" (depth) 16.5" (height)