Vongon Ultrasheer Stereo Reverb and Vibrato

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ULTRASHEER is a stereo reverb and vibrato combination inspired by the early digital studio effects units of the late 1970’s, capable of moving you from a lush warbled space to a shallow room through an intuitive and satisfyingly tactile interface

The REVERB algorithm is based on the plate reverb sounds of the classic Lexicon 224 from 1978. The digital processing is downsampled to 16 bits and follows the topology described in the Dattorro paper linked here. This mix of legacy digital processing with modern high quality hardware creates a retro lush sound that we love

The VIBRATO is a smooth and transparent digital pitch shifter that preserves the full bandwidth of your input signal and does not darken the sound which is often found in the analog counterparts. Two modulation waveforms are available, “cycle” which is a sine wave for classic Leslie-speaker-type sounds and “random” which is a smoothed sample and hold waveform that creates pitch warbles similar to a warped vinyl or sun-baked cassette

- 141mm x 121mm x 45mm
- 1/4" mono jacks
- Input impedance: 50kΩ
- Output impedance: 1kΩ
- Current draw: 180mA
- Soft-touch foot switches
- Buffered bypass
Housed in a single block of walnut, CNC routed, hand sanded & polished

Dynamic Stereo Routing
The digital processing automatically adjusts for mono in/mono out, mono in/stereo out, or full stereo based on the configuration of input and output cables plugged into the device.

Walnut Enclosure
Housed in a high quality single block of dark walnut

Stereo / Mono Configurations
Ultrasheer automatically changes internal routing based on the inputs cables plugged into the device.

Vibrato Waveforms
The vibrato offers two waveforms, cycle and random. Both modes can be shaped by the "rate" and "depth"

In "cycle", you have control over the frequency ("rate") and amplitude ("depth") of a sine wave.

In "random", you can use "rate" to control how open a new random value is introduced, and "depth" to control the range of random values that can occur.

Vibrato Stereo Signal Path
The vibrato does not add any stereo content, but it will preserve the stereo image of the input signal. This stereo input signal could be from your instrument, or if you are using a mono source (like an electric guitar) then the stereo image is created from the reverb algorithm if you have the reverb in front of the vibrato via the "order toggle"

Ultrasheer was designed to operate using your typical center negative, regulated 9-9.6 VDC power supply. The pedal is protected against reversed polarity and overvoltage conditions. Always check your power supply for proper voltage and polarity before connecting. There is no battery connection inside the pedal.

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